Monthly Archives: February 2014


We sent letters out, before the end of last year, to property owners who are impacted by invasive Phragmites on Beaver Island.

We detailed the steps we’ve been taking to handle the problem, and requested continued support of our efforts.

This is my first year in this position; I didn’t know what to expect.

Times are hard; money is tight; the holiday season always brings a mailbox full of requests for donations.

I understand!

Still, the response has been tremendous.

What followed our mailing was a steady stream of envelopes.

What they revealed was not only support of the work that we are doing, but generosity and kindness of spirit.

Christmas cards, personal notes and letters repeatedly offered gratitude and approval of our efforts to stop the spread of this invasive species.

I’m not only pleased by the generosity of monetary donations, but awed by all of you who also took the time to write a note of encouragement.

The money will help to fund our work, and is also instrumental as a show of backing when we apply for grant funding.

I am heartened by your confidence and encouragement.

I’ve sent out a few letters in response to specific questions or concerns. I’m sorry I can’t thank each one personally.

Honestly, it means so much to know we have your backing to continue our good work.

Thank you!