Monthly Archives: December 2013


We’re experiencing a classic, beautiful white Christmas here on Beaver Island.

I’m looking out on a good layer of fresh snow and gently falling snowflakes made more lively by the wind.

Everything is covered in a thick blanket of white snow.

All of the issues that were so pressing in the summertime seem distant now.

Even so, they have not been forgotten.

We are still working to preserve this island paradise. We are striving to protect our shoreline and wetlands from invasive species that would forever alter life as we’ve grown to love and expect it here.

I’ve been studying findings from some of the latest research on the growth patterns and spread of invasive Phragmites. I’ll be working, this winter, on grants to help fund our efforts and putting a calendar together as a guide for future reference.

Several of us will be attending the Beaver Island Archipelago Meeting in Lansing next month, to share information and coordinate efforts.

Many landowners recently received letters requesting donations to help our cause. I hope everyone will assist in whatever way they can. Your support – whether it takes the form of donations of money or time, vigilance and reporting of problem areas, or just understanding and moral support – means everything.

My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes out to all who have already been so very helpful.

It’s easy, when snow blankets the island, to lose sight of the importance of what we do.


Pam Grassmick snapped this picture of Doug Tilley, standing in a bed of invasive Phragmites here on Beaver Island. That’s a good reminder, isn’t it?

Happy Holidays!