Thanks to the Workers!


This photo shows some of our – mainly volunteer – crew, getting ready to start work on High Island.

Effective herbicide treatment of invasive Phragmites must occur in the first two weeks of September. It is ineffective later, when the plant goes dormant. It cannot be applied in the rain.

The list of workers waiting to treat the outer islands this year was not long; every participant was important.

  • Dave Blanchard
  • Annette Dashielle
  • Stan Eagle
  • Dawn Elzey
  • Jim Flanagan
  • Lynn Flanagan
  • Pam Gerecke
  • Brian Grassmick
  • Pam Grassmick
  • Pam Hilton
  • Christine Miller
  • Eric Naraanjo
  • Marc Seeley

Conflicts with the holiday weekend,  winds and weather had already delayed their work by a couple days, yet loyal volunteers waited by their telephones for the “go-ahead”. They then convened at the harbor early in the morning for a two hour boat ride followed by a day of back-breaking labor. Then, most of them repeated this on two other days, on Garden Island.

The monetary value of the volunteer effort – which can count as local contribution toward “matching funds” when requesting grant funding – has been estimated at $25,000.00!

This next photo shows Hansen’s Island (not a part of our archipelago!) where invasive Phragmites has taken over the shoreline.

Considering that, I’d say the volunteer contribution is priceless!



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